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I have been writing and posting on and off at pinkycloud97 for about one and a half years now and I guess it would be nice to do some pimping now that my latest short story, Love at Charming Lake (of Taiwan), has been fully posted and I’m about to start posting my next latest work, The Yesterdays of Tomorrow: We Are Not a Slave Race. As a reminder, or for those of you who don’t know, my short stories almost always or at least to some extent deal with aliens or other dimensions. It is my passion. <3
Also, since you are all very talented people, I’m afraid my works aren’t that good yet though I’m getting better as I write on, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a look if you have the time. I really tried my best, and it would be my honor if you friend me over there as I suppose I would be posting less here if I really want to get to writing my short stories and poems. And I really want to be able to do that as I progress in my life, so please do wish me good luck over at pinkycloud97. Hope to see some of you over there, and I promise I’ll still drop by from time to time over here. Thank you!! You are the best!! <3<3<3

My original English short stories and poems journal: pinkycloud97

Completed and Posted Short Stories Thus Far (Chinese Title in Parentheses):
The Yesterdays of Tomorrow: We Know (昨日未來:吾等知曉)
The Man in the Mirror (鬼影戀人)
Coffee, Me & You (咖啡我和你)
Love at Charming Lake (of Taiwan) (愛在嘉明湖)
The Yesterdays of Tomorrow: We Are Not a Slave Race (昨日未來:非奴民族)
THE THIRD ZONE: Germinator (第三禁區:佈行者)
THE THIRD ZONE: Perpetuator (第三禁區:恆久者)

Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day 2016!!

This year, although I again won’t be celebrating Chinese Valentine’s the way most people do, I’ll be celebrating it in my own happy way, and the song I’ve chosen for this event that I want to share with you all is a Chinese song, “Heart of Palms” by Della (the English subbed version has been inserted above). When it first came out, I didn’t really like it, but recently when I heard it again, I thought of Shuuichi (from Yu Yu Hakusho) and me and the lyrics became so touching!! Thus, the song finally won a place in my heart and it’s recently Chinese Valentine’s, so I guess the mood just played altogether in my mind to combine into this post. I hope you like the song and don’t find it too sad for a supposedly happy occasion. I just thought it was really beautiful and touching and hope you enjoy it in that sense too!! Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day 2016!! :)

Today's Dancing Song List

All of Me/John Legend & Lindsey Stirling
Master of Tides/Lindsey Stirling
Shatter Me/Lzzy Hale & Lindsey Stirling
Senbonzakura/Lindsey Stirling (cover)
Roundtable Rival/Lindsey Stirling
Beyond the Veil/Lindsey Stirling

Today I picked 6 totally different tracks from the past to dance to, and it’s neither J-Pop nor K-Pop, but hip-hop violin, by the amazing Lindsey Stirling!! The slow ones I tried to warm up or take a little bit rest in between, but overall, I perspired a lot of sweat so that was good exercising time! I hope no one thinks this is an insult to her music because I was inspired to do this in the first place because I was amazed at the dance moves she could make while playing the violin all at the same time!! And testing out her dance moves just made me feel she’s even more amazing than I thought by just watching her youtube videos. So, thank you, Lindsey, for sharing your amazing talent with the world! Love to you and your works from Taiwan! <3<3<3

Happy Bastille Day 2016!!

Hey, everyone, I’m back!! My computer was fixed in around 2 weeks’ time instead of 2 months, so here I am!! And it’s Bastille Day again!! I always celebrate this day in my own interpretation of it as the day for the freedom of everything, some of which I feel I still don’t enjoy today, but that’s another story. So here I am, at my first anniversary of this and my other story writings’ journal. Woohoo! Sometimes it’s a joy how things turn out! I mean, I was going to write offline for 2 months then post those stuff here, but here I am, able to post right on this day the anniversary of my journals. I’m happy. :)

first written: 2016.06.30

Above shows you a video of the hardest song that I want to sing in Korean. Its name is Saldaga and was originally sung by SG Wannabe. Here, though, is the female version of the song sung by Sohyang. I believe she did the said version of this song in a show to prove that though she was less known, she was a great singer. And she did a great job!! Because of that, this has since become the hardest song I’ve ever heard and wanted to sing in Korean, which leads me to my next topic, a general rant on my “broken” voice.
Now, don’t get me wrong. My voice isn’t totally “broken”. It’s just sometimes broken, which means sometimes I can sing well and sometimes I can’t. Even the doctors were of no help in detecting any problems, but here I am, in a real situation with a “broken” voice and no one understands my pain. Thing is, I used to be top of my class when it came to music lessons, including singing. So it especially hurts when I lose control of my voice and people assume I just suck in singing. And there’s no use explaining either, because no one understands how one’s voice could be “broken” sometimes. Until my voice “comes back” and I sing well, only then can I prove to them that I can sing well. And when that happened once, they thought I was amazing!! Justice done? Yeah, for that one day. Like I said, I have a “broken” voice now, and when it’s not normal, I sing like I suck. Thus, once I was in fact told that my mother sang better than me. Now, we’re a loving family alright, but we’re still competitive with each other, esp. when it comes to singing. And I, had I not a “broken” voice, absolutely could not stand anyone said to be singing better than me, generally speaking. I mean, come on, there was this once when someone told me I sang better than her too! But I know even she thinks otherwise. She’d always brag about for how many years she’d been singing at the karaoke now, but truth is, I’ve been singing since I was a child! Just not at the karaoke but in school and school clubs etc. Except that doesn’t count, huh? Well, for me, it counts, which means I actually have been singing for a longer time than she did. Besides, she only started later in life. Very late, I would say. But she never trusts me in my singing. And possibly no one will ever trust me now that my voice has been “broken” for years. I still wish I can resume a properly functioning singing voice again someday though. Then I can sing Saldaga proudly and feel that I’m great, even though I’m not a singer and won’t ever get to be one. End of rant. :)

“Sayonara” for Two Months

I’m really sorry to all my LJ friends and fellow readers of this journal, but I have to put back my return to LJ for another 2 months time, this time due to the stereo of my laptop being broken. Actually, it has been broken since May, but I couldn’t make time to fix it till now. Meanwhile though, I do plan to write offline and then posting those posts here once my computer is back and I have access to the internet again. Before that though, please do excuse me for another 2 months. Thanks and love you all!! :)

It’s tax-paying month here in Taiwan!!

Yikes! It’s that time of the year again, here in Taiwan, where you have to sum up basically all your assets and pay taxes to the government!! Not that I’m not willing to, but my family and I actually all fall under the line where we end up not having to pay anything. Still, things need to be checked and it’s kind of hectic, upon a tight schedule, that is, if you already have one. And I happen to be that ‘one’. So, I guess my posts about my favorite celebrities and the like, which still have to be written anyway, will have to wait for awhile. Wish for when my life could be on track again!!
Ever since the disappearance of Writer’s Block, it seems to me that LJ has grown even more quiet than before. Sure, gossips of celebrities everywhere continue to bloom, but few triggers to write something for real exist anymore. It’s sad. I know I for one quite miss the Writer’s Block. It was definitely one of the biggest reasons that I came back to LJ last year. And ever since it disappeared, the thrill to sign in to LJ to write about something just somehow ceased largely, frankly because if I were to post anything, I’m sure it would all be celebrity-related. I was a fan girl after all, and I’m not too far from it yet. That said, be prepared as I plan to bombard this journal with rankings of my favorite celebrities and songs from now on. Anyone else miss the Writer’s Block too?

My Favorite Dance Video of 2015

It’s been a long time, but I haven’t forgotten any of you, nor my love for dancing. I tried picking up a little while ago on my dancing, but time has not been too kind to my body and busy schedule. Yet this dance video above that you see keeps me on my toes, and I guess I have to thank the said group, f(x), for that. I think they really did a great job in this dance, but I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t do a music video with it. In my opinion, it would have been better than what they did do, although the music video does also have its interesting side. Okay, enough said. I think I’ll have to cut my post here now, lest I start talking senseless stuff. By the way, Krystal is my favorite member. :)

ETA (2016.06.12): Since they deleted the original video I inserted from youtube, I had to look up another version of the same video and re-insert it here. Aside from the video now having a Chinese translation to it, in my opinion, it's the same favorite dance video of mine that I wanted to share with you all. Happy watching then, if you come across this post again!

I haven’t exercised in months!!

As some of you may know, I came up with my own dancing project for the mornings last summer and stuck to it triumphantly nearly all summer, but ended all too soon when autumn settled in. I’m terribly afraid of the cold, that’s why. I totally can’t stand cold weather. And then, for the past few days, we had the coldest winter weather here in around forty years. I at once thought that all the exercising I did for the summer did not pay off at all, then realized that maybe it’s my own fault that I haven’t exercised in months!! I doubt it would have helped me survived these few days better, but exercising only during the summer was definitely NOT enough to last me through the year. Meh. I guess what will be, will be. But as the sun shone bright today, after days of freezing cold, memories of last summer came back to me again. I sure wish for when I can dance and exercise again!! :)